Weck’s Select serves several of our classic full belly favorites, along with new favorites and weekly specials exhibiting exciting culinary creations. Born from the idea of our mission “We Strive: To do our best every day in every way and be better then you remember!” Weck’s Select comes to life to continue the Weck’s proud tradition of great food and outstanding service.

The innovation of Weck’s Select aims to bring to your breakfast, your lunch, your family the best of Weck’s along with some exciting new creations.

We look to push the envelope in order to bring our amazing patrons the quality food they deserve in a clean, comfortable setting. The same great Weck’s that you remember with a side of this, a pinch of that and finished with a dash of incredible.
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Northeast Heights

11004 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111





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